Our Free Range Turkey

We buy 8 strains of turkeys as day olds (this gives a large weight range at Christmas of 10lbs to 28lbs oven-ready) all hens (females) as they have approximately 10% more meat per lb of body weight against stags (males). Also the texture of the meat tends to be of a far better quality. 

They are delivered to us as day olds at the very beginning of July so by the time Christmas comes they will be just over the age of 5 months.  The meat is then mature and firm giving a succulent texture and taste when cooked.  All birds are free-ranged from 7-8 weeks old giving them time to eat a very varied diet from fallen apples to the beech mast which falls from the woodland trees.

Their basic diet consists of a well balanced ration and is produced for us by Gro-Well Feeds and contains only cereals, soya and the vitamins and minerals that are required; no animal proteins are used, no growth promoters or antibiotics are added.  We also use whole wheat to help finish the birds; this is sourced from a local farmer. All our birds are rounded up at night and driven into spacious sheds with open sides to protect them from the local fox population; no more than 100 birds are ever housed together. 

All turkeys are processed on farm by ourselves to keep them as stress-free as possible, they are individually killed and dry plucked by hand.  They are hung for around two weeks to improve further the texture and taste. As the family have been supplying the good people of Chesham and surrounding areas with Christmas poultry since the late 1800’s, we think we might have got this turkey rearing job just about cracked! 

If you would like to order a turkey or any of our other Christmas poultry, please telephone, we will be more than pleased to help you with any questions about size or type of bird that you might require. 

What is the difference between our Turkeys and mass produced birds?