For those who prefer a real Christmas dish what about a traditional Goose?
These come to us in May as day olds from Norfolk Geese of  Pulham Market.  They are raised to maturity whilst roaming freely amongst the beech trees helping themselves to beech mast, leaves and other such goodies whilst also being fed on a fully balanced diet.

Goose was the traditional Christmas bird in days gone by.  It lost its place as the No. 1 dish to the turkey many years ago, but, now, in the last few years as people have become more adventurous with their cooking, it has fought back and became a very popular choice once more.  They need a little more attention whilst cooking but the result is well worth the trouble!  I always impress upon my customers that fat from the cooking must be saved as roast spuds cooked in goose fat are to die for! 6-9kgs (13-20lbs) oven ready.