The Standard supermarket type of Turkey

Large numbers of turkeys are now imported from countries where welfare and animal feed content regulations do not meet the standards applied to us in the UK. 

The mass-producers tend to buy a large breed of turkey, quite often stags (male birds) and then rear them to required weights, not required age.

They are normally reared in large numbers in controlled environment sheds, often never seeing daylight.

Some even use growth promoters, adding weight more quickly.

The turkeys are processed sometimes at only 8-10 weeks old; this is the reason they are often dry and tasteless, giving all turkey a bad name! 

Most of them will be transported a fair distance to be processed: this can stress the birds causing the flesh to become flaccid.

Plucked in hot water and then instantly frozen, several weeks or even months prior to Christmas, or gas flushed and chilled, without hanging.